Traveling with Kids: The Basics

As a well-experienced parent you know the things to prepare for happy kiddos and traveling is not different. Here are a few ideas we have come up with to make traveling with your kids more memorable and enjoyable for all.


Encourage them to keep a journal

Having them write down their experiences , or draw if they’re younger, will not only be a great activity but a fun way for them to remember their trip in years to come. It may also give you a different perspective on the trip, if they share!

We like this journal for kids, it has added bonuses such as lists to help your kids plan to pack their own bags and games for travel down times.

Give them a camera


Giving them a child proof camera, or a disposable camera, is a great way to see the trip through their eyes and let them make memories of their own. It can also instill a bit of responsibility to document the trip for the family making it fun for them.

Find out more about this camera here.



Savory Snacks

When traveling with kids it is hard to resist the temptation to not give out sweet treats, I mean it is vacation, right?! Avoiding the sweet treats when you are in the midst of moving from place to place can make quick maneuvers easier if your kids aren’t sugar high. Not to mention the sugar crash can make traveling miserable for the whole family. Try to pack savory treats such as cheese squares, pretzels, or fruit and save the sweet treats you arrival at the hotel or for after dinner.

Keep the activities coming

This is a great time to make use of apps on your smart phone. There are tons of kid friendly apps so loading up on some new ones before you travel is a great way to keep kids interested without taking up so much space in their bac kpacks. Simple craft projects are also a great way to keep kids busy when traveling (boondoggle was always a big hit for us when we traveled as a family!)


Check the backpacks

Kids don’t just say the darndest things, they pack them too! You don’t want to have complaints as you make your way through the airport of my backpack is too heavy because your son packed his whole rock collection, ‘just in case’. Give them the independence to pack their own backpack but some guidelines and a checking process couldn’t hurt.


This is a travel gimme and a MUST HAVE when traveling with kids. We recommend bringing a small liquid sanitizer but also sanitizing wipes can be a lifesaver if dealing with spills or a sticky mess.

Take your time

Above all, plan extra time. Traveling with kids means extra curiosity, for everything, so give yourself extra time to get through airports, board trains and take tours. It will make the whole process much more enjoyable if you aren’t rushing.


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